Angel Willson is a minister based in Spokane, Washington. For over three decades he has served as a worship leader, prophetic psalmist, evangelist, missionary, pastor and teacher. As this, his first book reveals, Angel experienced salvation in 1983 at the W. Hollywood Gay Pride Parade. Since then he has walked through a beautiful, fantastic and arduous journey. Angel often moves in spiritual singing that many share bringing the tangible presence of God. Many times when Angel is either preaching, teaching, or psalming with his guitar and/or accompanied by music minstrels, people have received spiritual visions, prophetic songs and words, healings, salvations experiences, and spiritual ecstacies of diverse kinds. Angel has been called an apostle of love, an evangelist, and a spiritual teacher by prophets and ministers. Through his life journey of following Jesus he has been trained by God and personally influenced by many leaders. He was invited as a two week guest to minister and preach under the ministry of David Wilkerson in Times Square Church at the Timothy House in Spanish Harlem as well as their inner city outreaches. Angel has ministered in Russia, Israel, Mexico, South Korea, Cornwall, England, East and South Africa as well as throughout the United States. He has also been on local, national and international television as well as radio and diverse media outlets. Angel operates apostolically in his region, starting and cultivating regional prophetic oriented fellowships, innovative downtown inner city evangelism outreaches and raising up innovative missionaries and mission teams. He has developed an inner city ‘Light Club’ for two years called The Reignbow Electric House of Prayer in his hometown with spiritually flowing music ministry, light shows, open mic, outdoor BBQ’s, clothing give away and food. Angel is very creative with outreaches to the poor, homeless, orphans and people with various addictions, mental and emotional brokenness. Angel is working in Southern California at times with various media outlets currently in a developing movie process and supernatural reality show.

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